A Perfect Healer For Stress

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By Samaria Thomas
Reiki is an ancient Japanese technique to control and cure stress. It has been in use since time immemorial in order to provide relaxation to the people who are suffering from stress and hypertension. The drastic change in the lifestyle has given birth to various diseases. One such disease is stress. The long working hours or inadequate sleep is considered as the main reasons for this problem.
This is a very old healing practice. In this technique, palm or hands are used to offer a touch which eventually results in providing relaxation to the individual. As per the philosophy of this ancient science, it is believed that using palm and hands, positive energy can be transferred to the other person. Using this...

The Thyroid Controls More Than You May Think
By Andrei Valentin
You may be surprised to learn the massive overall effect your thyroid gland can have on your health. Especially as this small gland sits hidden somewhere in your neck! To find your thyroid gland you need to feel for it on top of your windpipe, just underneath your Adam's apple. That small bump you feel is your thyroid and checking its size regularly will let you know the minute it is swollen - a condition that may indicate a problem.
The thyroid became a very popular

By Mary Lee Scully
Often painful, osteoarthritis of the knee, is the result of the wear and tear of the knee cartilage; which eventually cause the femur which is the thigh bone, to rub against the tibia, which is the shin bone... thus producing friction and pain. If untreated, knee arthritis not only inflicts pain, but also causes deformity and stiffness, to the extent that it limits movement and mobilisation. Hence, disability can occur!
Knowing this, what are your thoughts and concern about